Asset Seizure / Forfeiture

We are very experienced in this particular area of law and after contacting us, we will immediately move to protect you, your rights, and your property. The adverse preliminary hearing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to fight for your property, and assert any defenses that exist in the case. In many cases where property has already been seized, it may be released without any payment to the State. The rules and laws governing asset forfeiture vary from city to city, county to county, and state to state. Understanding these differences can expedite the process and minimize the exorbitant cost that can accrue in such cases if your property is seized.

The remedy of asset forfeiture is becoming an increasing tool of law enforcement. In addition to incarceration, more and more States are seeking to confiscate the property of citizens. It is important to recognize that asset forfeiture by the State is possible EVEN IF the underlying conduct by the owner does NOT result in a criminal conviction. In order to protect your rights to the property you own, retain an experienced asset forfeiture attorney. As an Assistant Attorney General who exclusively practiced asset forfeiture matters, Mr. Herrmann is uniquely qualified to defend against such actions.