Obscenity laws in the United States vary greatly from location to location. As per most areas, obscenity refers to explicit sexual acts that are publicly visible and accessible and are offensive. In general art is not considered under obscenity laws unless it is classed as pornography. Three issues must be tested to prove obscenity and they include 1) would the average person consider the work to be offensive using community standards 2) is the work explicitly sexual in nature as defined by the laws of the area and 3) is there no scientific, artistic or literary value to the work other than explicit sexual intent.

Indecent exposure often refers to the crime of purposefully displaying one’s genitals in public, causing others to be alarmed or offended. Depending upon the facts, the consequences of such a charge vary greatly, from misdemeanor to felony and the charge may reach the level of a sexual assault if any physical contact is made.